Tutu Much

Airin Emery

"A background rich in ballet will enable you to grow far more quickly than any traditional genre training. You can do anything in the dance world with proper ballet technique." Tutu Much tells the story of five teens from across the country who audition and participate in a ballet summer training intensive. Kelsi is straight from the competitive circuit and queen of the bedazzled dance divas. But can she cut it in this ballet world? Meaghan is a small town gal whose passion for ballet and ambition push her body beyond its limits. Will her body give out on her or take her through to the finale? Lori is the youngest sister of two prima ballerinas - she's not even sure she likes dance - but she's great at it! Paige comes from wealth beyond measure but soon learns there are lessons in life that money cannot buy. And Zel is trying so hard to convince her parents to let her tap dance that she hasn't noticed she loves ballet. Who will win the solo in the showcase? Who will be invited to stay the year? A fast paced read that will keep you on your toes!

About the author

After a professional dance career that included everything from Fosse to Cirque du Soleil she has changed gears and now focuses her artistry on choreography and writing. She maintains co-ownership of a dance studio in the Midwest, adjudicates for competitions & festivals and currently lives by Pismo Beach with her husband, three children, and two precocious Corgis.

Airin Emery