Spirit Junkie

Lauren Deen

For Catelyn Cross and the CHILL squad, the chance to attend Nationals is a dream come true. But dreams come with a cost, and this one may have too high of a price. The CHLLL squad must find a way to raise $25,000 to compete, and Catelyn needs an A in geometry. Between swallowing her pride to ask the Monarch Cheerleading squad for help and letting Joshua tutor her in math, Catelyn is spinning out of control. Will she crumble under the pressure or dig deep to uncover that she truly is a Spirit Junkie?

About the author

Lauren Deen was a dancer as a child who developed a passion for cheerleading while getting a Fine Arts degree at Duke. She has combined her love of cheer and writing to bring The Cheer Series to life. When she is not writing she can be found running on the beach, hiking the local trails, and playing the role of Volvo-driving soccer mom to her growing brood of children. She is hopeful that at least one will follow in her footsteps and love to cheer.

Lauren Deen