We love reading!

A lifelong passion for dance, a pre-teen daughter who couldn’t find fiction about dance, and a love of literature & reading all conspired to bring Lechner Syndications to fruition.  Our desire to ignite a passion for reading in children has led us to create series about the things that kids love; reinforcing positive lessons they can learn while doing these things. Dance, karate, soccer, and skating teach skills and create athletes and artists- they also instil happiness, confidence, creativity, goal setting, choice making and foster lifelong habits and friendships. Kids like to read current, relevant, fast paced books and Lechner Syndications provides a less expensive, easy to access format made for the current trend to digital and online reading.
We know your kids will have as much fun reading them as we’ve had creating them!
Tammy & Paul Lechner




The Gym Series
The Soccer Series


The Skating Series
The Volleyball Series
The Surf Series




The Wrong Kind of Right


The readers are leaders


The Dance Series


The Cheer Series
The Riding Series


The Happiness Reset


The Dance Series Reboot


Niska and the Rainbow Poops

Our core values

01 / We lose ourselves in books

02 / We find ourselves there, too

03 / We are inspired to be better by reading

From our founders

Tamara Lechner and Paul Lechner

We are a family of readers. We have taught four children that the stories you tell can shape and  inspire lives.
But why is it so difficult to find reading material that is reasonably priced, easy to access, and at an appropriate level for young readers?
We started Lechner Syndications so our children could read realistic stories involving the activities they love to do like dancing, volleyball, and soccer.
Our philosophy is to create books that inspire leaders of allages and promote a love of reading.