Turning Pointe

Airin Emery

Freshman year at New York Company Ballet brings back the Tutu Much gang as Lori, Meaghan, Zel and Paige struggle to balance friendships, ballet and…boys. Introducing Yasmin, a tough cookie with killer technique and attitude to match and Yuri a foreign exchange student whose lack of passion might end her career before it starts.

“You can choose greatness or mediocrity. Either is within your grasp. But it’s up to you. You have to make the choice.”

Will the dancers succeed or will this new obsession be the turning pointe?

About the author

After a professional dance career that included everything from Fosse to Cirque du Soleil she has changed gears and now focuses her artistry on choreography and writing. She maintains co-ownership of a dance studio in the Midwest, adjudicates for competitions & festivals and currently lives by Pismo Beach with her husband, three children, and two precocious Corgis.

Airin Emery