Triple Threats

Airin Emery

“Be yourself, work hard and never let your dreams die. You never know what tomorrow might bring. So be ready for it.” What happens when Lori from Tutu Much discovers musical theatre? She can dance but can she belt out a show tune? Singing lessons, dancing in heels, technical rehearsals and competing for roles with kids who have agents, resumes and stage moms are all new to her. Introducing Dane; a child superstar who is trying to make it in an adult role, and Courtney; a kid with all the talent but few of the resources needed to make it in showbiz. Who will make the cut and who will miss the action?

About the author

After a professional dance career that included everything from Fosse to Cirque du Soleil she has changed gears and now focuses her artistry on choreography and writing. She maintains co-ownership of a dance studio in the Midwest, adjudicates for competitions & festivals and currently lives by Pismo Beach with her husband, three children, and two precocious Corgis.

Airin Emery