Tap In

Airin Emery

“I started tapping because I couldn’t stop; because once I started it just took over all of my body. You have to tap because you want to, not because it’s some competition or you’re trying to prove a point, but because you love tap and the music moves you. Tappers come in all shapes and sizes and every single one is different in their own way. That’s one of the things I love most about tap.” Join Sabine, straight off the competition circuit who is struggling to get free of her controlling stage mom; Zel who spent an entire year at ballet school to earn her chance to tap; Anne, our plus size shuffler out to prove once and for all that in dance size doesn’t matter and Kristen, the spoiled brat who unfortunately dances like Ginger Rogers, as the studio kids meet the twin street dancers, Jocelyn and James who are tapping on scholarship and breaking all the rules to be the best at a tap intensive that battles their freestyle and breaks down their barriers.

About the author

After a professional dance career that included everything from Fosse to Cirque du Soleil she has changed gears and now focuses her artistry on choreography and writing. She maintains co-ownership of a dance studio in the Midwest, adjudicates for competitions & festivals and currently lives by Pismo Beach with her husband, three children, and two precocious Corgis.

Airin Emery