Stable Ground

Julie Galbraith

When Josie’s best friends all head away from River County Texas for summer vacation, she is left with two options; work at the cemetery with her dad and have the most uncool summer ever or shovel manure at the Walker ranch. Josie chooses the ranch, despite her fear of horses. Josie finds a mentor in Nina, a kind-hearted Choctaw Native American woman, who helps Josie discover her natural talent for horse jumping. This ignites the jealousy of Gretchen Walker, the boss’s beauty queen daughter and skilled horseback rider who’s not used to anyone showing her up. When Josie’s own mom is blinded to Gretchen’s devious ways and dazzling smiles, Josie thinks it might be the worst summer of her life. Will Gretchen drive Josie away or will she stand up for her herself and find her Stable Ground?

About the author

Julie Galbraith was born in Idyllwild California to a potter and a jazz musician. Her childhood was spent travelling the country in a Volkswagen with her parents and their dog. She found a passion for riding in her teens and now she and her husband own a ranch in New Mexico where they offer lessons, board horses and run a riding program for children with special needs.

Julie Galbraith