Horse Play

Julie Galbraith

For Josie Pickens, everything in her life is spinning out of control. She beat her boss’s daughter, the class princess, in a reining competition. Can you say payback? Her dad lost his totally embarrassing job at the cemetery and opened a restaurant named “Josie Posie’s” after her, AND she has to work there. The cutest boy at the ranch, Tyler, is being flirty with Gretchen’s friend Kelsey. The only solid thing in her life is her horse Mirabelle who is either sick or cursed by an ancient Choctaw Indian legend. Josie used to feel she was on Stable Ground, but now it all feels like Horse Play.

About the author

Julie Galbraith was born in Idyllwild California to a potter and a jazz musician. Her childhood was spent travelling the country in a Volkswagen with her parents and their dog. She found a passion for riding in her teens and now she and her husband own a ranch in New Mexico where they offer lessons, board horses and run a riding program for children with special needs.

Julie Galbraith