Pyramid Scheme

Lauren Deen

Catelyn Cross and her squad are back from qualifying for the nations’ biggest cheer competition. Fresh off a win, their coach has gone crazy by deciding to add guys to the squad and hire a choreographer. Hasn't she ever heard “if it’s not broke don’t fix it?” If that’s not enough, the CHILL Cheer team is opening classes for kids, which means they will share space with a noisy, messy squad of mini-bows and sparkles. Will the base fall out from under Catelyn or will the squad continue to fly?

About the author

Lauren Deen was a dancer as a child who developed a passion for cheerleading while getting a Fine Arts degree at Duke. She has combined her love of cheer and writing to bring The Cheer Series to life. When she is not writing she can be found running on the beach, hiking the local trails, and playing the role of Volvo-driving soccer mom to her growing brood of children. She is hopeful that at least one will follow in her footsteps and love to cheer.

Lauren Deen