High Stakes

Julie Galbraith

Josie Pickens' life has gone from trot to gallop seemingly overnight. She was a ranch hand and now she’s a riding champ. She used to be an easy target for Gretchen’s bullying but now they’re BFFs. She used to be embarrassed by her crazy Martha-Stewart wannabe mom and scheming dad but now she sees how awesome her family is. That is until her dad’s latest hair-brained scheme, to race her new horse Jack, starts to mess everything up.

If that wasn't enough, there’s new friends, competition for the cute guy she’s had a crush on since she started high school, and a race that puts everything on the line. Will Josie cave under pressure or can she ride for High Stakes?

About the author

Julie Galbraith was born in Idyllwild California to a potter and a jazz musician. Her childhood was spent travelling the country in a Volkswagen with her parents and their dog. She found a passion for riding in her teens and now she and her husband own a ranch in New Mexico where they offer lessons, board horses and run a riding program for children with special needs.

Julie Galbraith