Full Revolution

Sarah Lawson

The pressure is on as competitive figure skater Madison Boone trains for her biggest competition yet, Sectionals in California, where she’ll face off against her former best friend Hannah, who’s at the top of her game. She doesn't want to let anyone down as she tries to juggle school, volunteering, a boyfriend and her coaches’ expectation of landing a big combo jump. After a brief episode of wanting to be a “normal” teenager, a sledding accident leaves Madison with a mild concussion and everyone wondering whether she’ll be able to compete. Will Madison overcome the pressure and find a way to have it all, including her dream of making it to Nationals, or will find she doesn't have what it takes to make a Full Revolution?

About the author

Sarah was born in Hawaii, far from any skating rinks, but after years of watching skaters on Saturday morning television, Sarah's family moved to New York where she began her first skating lessons and her love for the sport continued. Although Sarah never competed herself, she is a true fan who has made her love of skating into a full time job. In college, she worked part time for a seamstress who sewed skate, gymnastic and dancewear, and her first job out of college was on a publicity team for Disney on Ice. Sarah lives in Connecticut where she enjoys triathlons, gardening and skating on the local ponds in the winter.

Sarah Lawson