Full Out

Airin Emery

“Who you are as an artist has more to do with who you are as a person and your passion for life, than it does the steps. A simple tendu can change the world if you let it. It’s all about your desire and the fire you bring to each challenge.”Full Out follows Meaghan, our red-haired bunhead, from an injury in New York, through a rehab journey to Los Angeles where she bunks with Kelsi, our glitter queen who is filming a music video and training in contemporary. These dance friends help one another to overcome setbacks en route to dance careers.“Dance friends know you better than any other friends because they see you at your lowest, during your moments of failure and they’re right there beside you helping you grow to reach the top. Other friends just don’t get that. They can’t comprehend the struggles we go through every day, chasing some crazy dream and trying so desperately to be perfect, even though we know perfection doesn’t exist.”Will they make it to the top? Don’t miss Full Out!

About the author

After a professional dance career that included everything from Fosse to Cirque du Soleil she has changed gears and now focuses her artistry on choreography and writing. She maintains co-ownership of a dance studio in the Midwest, adjudicates for competitions & festivals and currently lives by Pismo Beach with her husband, three children, and two precocious Corgis.

Airin Emery